Preparatory Cycle and Classes for Children

Preparatory Cycle and Classes for Children

Preparatory Cycle


The Preparatory Cycle is open to all students with a proven musical background and experience in the instrumental or vocal disciplines.


Admission to the Preparatory Cycle is based on the presentation of an application including :

  • A copy of the diplomas previously obtained
  • A letter of motivation (in French)


Candidates whose eligibility file has been accepted will be able to attend the admission audition which will be held in September-October 2023 (by appointment with the Studies Office).

A fee of 50€ payable in advance will be requested for the organization of the audition. In the case of enrolment, this sum will be deducted from the tuition fees (in all other cases, this sum will be retained by the School)

Classes for Children

Dedicated classes for children are available in piano, violin and solfege.

Duration of classes :

  • Individual instrument lessons: 30 minutes per week
  • Music theory lessons: 1 hour per weeke


  • Children between 7 and 14 years old
  • Students must have an instrument to ensure their daily personal work.
  • No minimum level of solfege is required for entry into an instrumental class, but solfege studies are mandatory.  

Applications for admission can be made from June for the following school year.


Children piano/violin* (incl. music theory)
2024/25 : 2 520 €
Preparatory Cycle instrumental*
2024/25 : 3 920 €
Preparatory Cycle singing*
2024/25 : 4 820 €

*Annual registration fee: €260