As a forum for reflection on contemporary creation, the School’s composition classes enable musicians to reveal their creative sensibilities and to hear the fruit of their work every year thanks to a partnership with the Ensemble Variances.

Each level has its own set of complementary teaching units, either mandatory or optional, depending on the course of study chosen

Graduate Cycle | Mastère Diploma

(2e Cycle Supérieur)


  • Composition lessons
  • History and Analysis of Contemporary Music (1 to 3 years)
  • Solfege (1 to 3 years)
  • Specialized Music History (1 to 3 years)
  • Analysis (1 to 3 years)
  • Conducting ensembles (1 to 3 years)


  • Explanation of contemporary instrumental or vocal writing techniques
  • ·      Meeting with current composers
  • ·      Work session with a professional instrumental ensemble: reading and recording of a composition by each student. Students are allowed to audit the conducting class.
  • ·      Workshops in contemporary instrumental techniques
  • computer-assisted music workshop

Students are allowed to audit the conducting class.

Advanced class

The Advanced class is a study cycle in a professionalization class lasting from 1 to 3 years.

It is accessible to students who have completed the 3rd cycle of the institution (artist diploma) or, for new students, by audition and presentation of a CV.


Composition teachers

Student already?

For further information on fees and payment, please visit the school intranet.


New student rates

Graduate Cycle*/Advanced Class*
2024/25 : 5 460 €

*Annual registration fee: €395 + €16 medical fee

Administrative fees for foreign students (from outside the European Union and the Council of Europe): 600€.