Rémi Geniet

Rémi Geniet

“Teachers were literally everywhere, we met in the hallways, everything was accessible. We felt pampered.”

Rémi Geniet began his studies at the École after his teacher, Rena Shereshevskaya, suggested that he join the ENMP with her. When asked what he remembers most when he first arrived, he mentions the ‘’warm cocoon that the historic building provides, which is truly amazing”.

The proximity between the students, especially with their teachers, was conducive to stimulating encounters. Rémi Geniet remembers how “teachers were literally everywhere, we met in the hallways, everything was accessible. We felt pampered.”

Regarding his training, Rémi mentions the rigor expected by his teachers at the École. In addition to that, the contact and the work with the students of the piano class, alongside the events at Salle Cortot were particularly stimulating: “the class auditions were always very important constructive moments. It is important for a musician to listen to others and give space for their feedback. Our class was very tight-knit. The concerts at Salle Cortot were always stimulating and very rich. »

Rémi Geniet is still in contact with some former students of his piano class: “Again, it was a very tight-knit class. We spent a lot of time together, whether it was for work or for a meal. I also knew a little about singing classes, as I accompanied Vladimir Chernov’s class. I’m still friends with a few former students from there as well. »

As well as the practical courses, the theoretical courses allow the musicians to benefit from a wide musical culture. Rémi Geniet talks about the usefulness of courses at the École, such as History of Music, which he considered particularly interesting.

As of today, Rémi still comes by the École, whether it is to attend concerts or to greet his former teachers and the administration staff. He remembers how the director at the time came to the final of the Queen Elisabeth competition in 2013, where Rémi won second prize there.

As a conclusion to our meeting, Rémi salutes the richness of the multi-culturality of the École : ” There is a very professional, international development”. This allows French music to shine in the most amazing way. He also salutes the fact that the École is open to amateur musicians: “it’s always good to have this kind of openness, a different way of seeing music”.

Interview by Kenzi Laraqui