Julian Trevelyan

Julian Trevelyan

« There is real freedom granted to everyone’s career, to excel in everything we do. »

Pianist Julian Trevelyan began his studies at the École in 2016, after winning Second prize in the Long-Thibaud competition, following the advice of David Lively.

Julian first evokes the generosity of his teachers: “I started in two classes: piano class with Rena Shereshevskaya, and composition class with Michel Merlet. What struck me the most when I arrived was how much time the teachers gave us, they never kept track.”

The École understands the background of the musicians who attend it: “What I find exceptional is that there is no age limit for enrolling. The life of a musician is constantly changing, especially today, and varies between formations and instruments. Again, there is real freedom granted to everyone’s career, to excel in everything we do.’’

Julian also remembers the moments spent, between two classes, at the Salle Cortot: “The proximity of the Salle Cortot is particularly appreciated by the students, we benefit enormously from it. The setting is exceptional, I loved every performance I did there.” He also underlines the impact of the historic building on his studies: “a building like this pushes us to do something beautiful with music. It inspires people to make art and not stop at verisimilitude”.

Julian also insists on the closeness between students and teachers: “we can really do our musical explorations. We are given room for our professional and personal development. Relationships are very privileged with our teachers. Their teaching is precious and of a very high level, both as a soloist and in ensembles”. Indeed, Julian gathered about thirty musicians for his composition exam. according to him, it allowed him to develop autonomy, and to learn how to organize events.

Julian salutes the support and work of the administrative team: “they have always known how to honor the history of this school which is different from all the others schools in the world”.

Regarding his career after school, he insists on the institution’s patronage system: “I met a lot of important people, who continue to help me. All the encounters I have had in this school are stimulating”.

Interview by Kenzi Laraqui