Santanu Datta, compositeur

Diplôme Supérieur de Composition à l’unanimité et Diplôme Supérieur d’Orchestration en 2016 (classe d’orchestration d’Anthony Girard et de composition d’Edith Lejet).

“Learning the subtle craft of Orchestration at the Ecole Normale with M. Anthony Girard was arguably the most valuable musical training I have received as a composer. From the first lesson, the timbral aspect of music – a seemingly abstract notion – was illustrated and taught in a very objective manner. The focus of the course was the development of orchestral writing of the student through weekly assignments, which were examined with utmost care by M. Girard. We were made aware of different orchestral styles by analysing masterpieces by composers from Mozart to Shostakovich. The course structure of Ecole Normale offered a complete musical training through complementary courses like Solfège, Music History, Analysis etc. As a student of Orchestration, I also had the opportunity to attend the Orchestral Conducting classes as an observer, which was crucial in my understanding of the pragmatic aspects of music writing.

My two-year training in the Orchestration class helped me to succeed in the prestigious Diplôme Supérieur examination in Composition and Orchestration in 2016 and even now, it continues to play a key role in my professional life as a film composer and arranger.”