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L’Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris – Alfred Cortot is a music institute for higher education that, to this day, has remained private.


• Train musicians holistically, not only to excel in their primary instrument or specialty, such as composition, but in a way that emphasizes complementary and essential aspects of musicianship such as Music theory, Analysis, and History of Music
• Effectively prepare students for the realities and demands of a professional musician
• Prepare students for international competitions
• Help integrate them into life as a professional musician

Each year, the School welcomes more than one thousand students from over fifty countries, who have come to discover style, technique and attitude that have been transmitted from the beginning through our prestigious faculty members, including Paul Dukas, Arthur Honegger, Olivier Messiaen, Pablo Casals, Nadia Boulanger, Henri Dutilleux, André Navarra, Georges Enesco, and many more. Today the School has about 150 teachers.

The school has had the opportunity to instruct musicians such as coposers Elliot Carter and Joachim Rodrigo, panists Dinu Lippatti and Samson François, and Orchestra Conductor Igor Markevitch, to name a few.


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